Our Mission

We have an idea. An idea that will enhance the dignity and the purpose of people with Autism and give them the opportunity that they crave and are often denied. We want to create a self-sustaining community that will give people with Autism the chance to make a contribution to their community and to the economy. To work and take part in society by being part of rather than dependent upon others.

We are looking for your support in the hope you share our view that people with Autism have much better prospects when they have meaningful things to do. We are looking for people who can offer a hand with financial support, political support and contacts, media support, commercial support. It may be as simple as support with a few ideas, with encouragement, sharing, and good old love and enthusiasm.

The United Nations believe that globally, 80% of adults with Autism are not in the workforce. But we know that many more than one-in-five would find far greater self-actualisation with a job and a sense of usefulness that an occupation provides.

We have a plan to start a small community where people with the challenges of Autism live together in safety and work in a variety of tasks designed to suit their often extraordinary abilities. Once we have established our first community with a robust financial model we will open more, wherever there is demand.

We’ve called the idea “All the other Lucys” because the inspiration for this venture is a remarkable young woman who has carried the challenge of Autism with fortitude and strength of character.

As Lucy has grown and matured, we’ve always thought about the thousands of other people like Lucy. Maybe people who haven’t had the lucky breaks, supporters and friends that Lucy has had. People with just the same potential who need a hand.

If you feel you can give us a hand, please email bridget@alltheotherlucys.org and tell us what you think.

Thank you