All the other Lucys is a registered charity set up to provide supported living services to adults who have a learning disability and/or are on the autism spectrum. Our board of trustees set up the charity in 2017 to look at options around housing/working for Lucy (of All The Other Lucys fame) who was leaving Lufton college and wanted to stay in the Yeovil area.

Our Story so far:

In 2017, when a rather amazing young adult, Lucy was nearing the end of her college career, we had an idea….. We wanted to create a safe and secure home for Lucy and other young adults with differing needs, that enabled them to have their own space in which they feel safe, supported, able to be as independent as they can be in their local community and that gave them genuine choices in the way they wanted to live . We also wanted them to be able to access work opportunities in the local community in Yeovil and if appropriate, work towards being financially rewarded in a way that young adults with learning difficulties or those on the autism spectrum are not normally recognised for.

And we’ve done it! Last September, we acquired a wonderful house near Yeovil. Lucy and her friends Robin and Emma moved in, with 24/7 support as planned. Our tenants are very happy in this new space and feel supported and valued. They have various jobs and activities throughout the week that usually means they fall into bed shattered. Some of these activities take place at The Hub, our core partner for engaging our tenants. As such, they’re all enjoying a level of independence from their families, which is delightful! Enabling our tenants to work and take part in society is really important to us and sits at the heart of our mission here at All The Other Lucys.

Our ambition is to roll out this model to other counties in England first and foremost, so please get in touch if you’re able to contribute financially; or indeed by devoting time & skills that may help us as an organisation: