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September 19, 2022
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Happy Halloween

When All the Other Lucys are setting up support packages for those who choose us to support them we always ask about religious and cultural needs. When it comes to cultural events, to begin with most people say, “we don’t really do any of that”. That is until we ask, “what about bonfire night or Halloween or pancake day?”  This is usually when people say “oh, yeah we absolutely love those days”. Celebrating people’s culture is really important to us here and if there is a party involved, we are generally all in! 

We all love Halloween at Fairport House. The tenants decided again this year they would like to have a bit of a Halloween party at the house. What we didn’t know was The Hub was planning a Halloween disco and Eastfields equestrian was having a Halloween themed fundraising evening as well!  

Cue a very busy few days for us buying supplies, cooking, sorting out costumes, and decorating the house. It’s a good job we all love celebrating Halloween! 

Eastfields party was great. All the Other Lucys donated a hamper for their silent auction which was gratefully received by Di. There was a coconut shy and apple bobbing, a barbeque, bouncy castle, and bar and plenty of spooky goings on. Even the horses got in on the act with a pumpkin trail ride with the guy’s favourite steeds.  

Our party at home went down well. The cake Lucy made was amazing! Who would have thought you could make Oreo cookies into bats! It was great to invite our friend Adam over for dinner as well. The tenants had done a great job of choosing decorations and we just had to dress up again. After all it would have been rude not to. 

The Hub Halloween disco was really busy, and it was great to catch up socially with so many people we hadn’t seen since the summer barbecue. It was also a good chance to give out invitations to the skittles evening we have been planning for a while now. Great night was had by all. Robin told me he didn’t stop dancing all night. I know I have seen the video evidence!  

All in all a very busy and thoroughly enjoyable all hallows eve!