Christmas gnomes raised £400 for ATOL!
December 4, 2022
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Christmas has arrived at Fairport!

All the Other Lucys are a genuinely person-centred service and as such strive to let the people we support have genuine choices in how they celebrate cultural traditions and religious holidays. This includes how they would like to decorate their home at Christmas. Do they want decorations at all? Which kind? Do they want a real tree or fake tree? Who is going to decorate it? Where shall we get it from?
These are the choices we usually all make at Christmas without thinking about it, but our job is to ensure the people we support do get to make all these choices.
It’s funny to talk about Fairport Christmas traditions as this will be only our fourth Christmas at the house. However this year, as in previous years, the tenants decided in their house meeting that they would like a real tree and wanted to visit the Yeovil Christmas tree farm just down the road from us and choose the tree they liked the best. Yeovil Christmas tree farm are always welcoming, with free tea and coffee and lots of decorations, Christmas lights and all manner of festive treats to look at, so off we went.
The cool thing about the farm is you get to wander round and choose a tree yourself; the staff then transport it to the bagging area and put it through their net machine. Your only problem then is fitting it into the car! This year was the quickest choice ever (it was very cold though) and we were in and out in half an hour with the fine specimen you see before you. We hope you all agree the tenants made an excellent choice and have decorated it beautifully.
Have a very Merry Christmas from all of us at All the Other Lucys. May you all have a peaceful and happy holiday!